About Womb Healing Session

Womb healing takes place during a Reiki session. In womb healing sessions, clients take on a relaxed and meditative state as their chakras begin to balance. Great attention is paid to the womb area. In this process, the womb will be cleared of energy cords that connect you to another person, situation or belief that you are ready to let go. In this gentle womb healing process, you will experience a positive shift in your life within the first few weeks after your session. At the end of a session, you will be instructed on how to carry on the healing at home.

Womb healing is highly recommended if you have experienced any ailments or trauma related to the physical womb, such as difficult labor/delivery, surgery, miscarriage, abortion or sexual trauma.

The Sacred Womb

For ages, people have worshiped the Divine Mother’s womb. The womb was the sacred place we all came from, the source of all life and all possibilities. It is the Divine Mother’s creative power, through which She can manifest anything. It is the supernatural creative power of the Divine Mother hidden in every soul. Through your Womb Chakra, you can create anything.

Every human being, both men and women, has a Womb Chakra in their soul but women also have a physical womb. This is a special gift from the Divine as it gives her the ability to create another life inside her body. 

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