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A Journey into the Mind and Body


Our minds are more powerful than we acknowledge. A thought or a comment can change our mood in seconds. By accessing the power of the mind to heal, we have the ability to release old beliefs and patterns the body holds onto, creating a more productive and enjoyable life.


Jennifer Araneo
Photo: Mac Hartshorn

Jennifer Araneo

is the owner and founder of Mind Body Hoboken. She has worked with different types of healing modalities and has been meditating and practicing guided imagery for over 20 years.

Jennifer graduated with a B.A. from Villanova University in 1999, with a Minor in Japanese. While in college she traveled to Tokyo, Japan to study the Japanese language and history. While in Japan, she had the opportunity to climb Mount Fuji which was one of the highlights of her experience. Jennifer was a coxswain for the Women’s Rowing Team for four years.⁠

Jennifer is certified in Hypnosis and NLP Master Practitioner by iNLP Center and trained with Dr. Brian Weiss, MD in Past Life Regression Therapy, author of Many Lives, Many Masters, Only Love is Real and Through Time into Healing to name a few. She studied Neuro-Hypnotic Repatterning with world-renown experts Dr. Richard Bandler (co-creator of Neuro-Linguistic Programming), John and Kathleen LaValle of Pure NLP.

Jennifer is a Reiki 3 Master and studied under Joanna Yuan Crespo at the NY Open Center.


“The body achieves what the mind believes”

Stress is part of life. It’s when we have chronic stress that it becomes a problem and we start to feel energetically and emotionally depleted. Chronic stress has a trigger and behind that trigger is a story. ​

The MBH experience helps the client find the root of the problem, heal it and then move on to the next step in their life. This approach allows the mind and body to work together towards healing. A lot of time people say that they understand why something happened or they’ve forgiven someone but anytime they think of the situation or the person their body reacts with a punched in the gut feeling. When that happens the mind understands something and the body hasn’t caught up yet. This process allows the time and space for the mind and body to align. Reiki and Hypnosis and sometimes combined allows the mind and body to heal together and since the body doesn’t know time or space, we can do the healing work and the body can release limiting beliefs or stories about yourself and your body accepts the healing in the present.

​This is effective for anyone feeling ‘stuck’ in their life by hanging on to the past or nervous about the future.


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